Balloons are much loved across the world. No matter the occasion, there is a balloon to match. Help promote the continued fun and responsible use of balloons to your staff and customers with this useful information.

Safe Balloon Practices

Don’t Let Go - Use a Weight!

Please don’t release helium balloons outdoors - tie each helium balloon individually to a weight. Always dispose of balloons responsibly.

Balloon Warning

Supervise Children Under 8

Uninflated or burst balloons can present a choking hazard - please supervise small children at all times.

Purchase CE

Only purchase CE marked products. These products are subject to Europe’s high manufacturing and testing standards.

Inflate Safely!

To remove the risk of injury, always use a balloon pump and NEVER inhale helium.

Latex Allergies

Some people may suffer from latex allergies. If you think you are suffering from any unusual symptoms and have been handling latex balloons – please seek medical assistance

Latex Balloons

LATEX balloons are 100% Biodegradable & Compostable!

A latex balloon begins to decompose from the moment it is manufactured and in contact with the natural elements. Decomposition is rapidly accelerated when the balloon is inflated and exposed to sunlight and oxygen. This process of decay causes the balloon to oxidise. Oxidation begins within approximately one hour of inflation and is visible in some types of balloon as a cloudy or misty appearance.

In the same way that the wood from a tree will rot, a latex balloon is made from the sap of the tree, and will disintegrate in the same way.

Helium vs Balloon Gas

Balloon Gas vs Helium

Use of balloon gas does not contribute to a shortage in the supply of helium as balloon gas is not a pure form of Helium. Gas companies we have spoken to have advised us that balloon gas is a by product of other processes i.e. filling MRI scanners etc., that would have otherwise escaped if not caught and re-used. Gas companies have advised it is currently un-economical to undertake a procedure to make balloon gas more pure.

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